Meadery Beginnings

Hello all, it is with restrained excitement that I bring to your attention a kickstarter project of mine. I have mixed feelings with sharing this on this forum, as I am (in relative respect to many meadmakers) an amateur of mead making, and am really standing on the shoulders of some giants before me.

However, I have found myself really diving into this study, this hobby, and I have really felt a serious connection and that this is something I want to take beyond the level of a hobby. Everything about mead is calling me;

Its a niche that deserves more attention.

Its an organic process that produces an exceptional drink – simple, or very complex.

It is limited only by the imagination (and $) of the mead maker.

It has tradition and archaic roots, but plenty of room to ‘modernize’.

I understand some of you may feel this is in vain, but I am /not/ here to beg for someone to buy me supplies. I’m here to ask you guys for support to follow something that seems to be in my blood.

This embodies the my favorite principles – taking nature’s magnificent processes, learning of them, and using them to produce a fine quality product that is part man part nature.

Anyway, enough gibberish. I completely understand if you dislike the idea of this, but I hope you can see it from the other perspective – that you’re supporting a future meadery.


10 Must-See Photographs from the 1940s

  1. A mother is photographed while hiding her face in shame after putting up a sign announcing that she is putting her own four children up for sale in Chicago, Illinois in 1948.
  2. A sign posted to remind soldiers to take Atabrine, an anti-malaria drug, while stationed in Papua, New Guinea during World War II.
  3. A young man sits and reads a book in the ruins of a London bookstore after the air strikes in 1940.
  4. A young woman sprays her arm with self-tanning spray from a suntan vending machine in 1949.
  5. Hitler’s officers and cadets smile for a photograph while they are seated for Christmas dinner in 1941.
  6. A sorrowful suicide — 23 year old Evelyn McHale is photographed after jumping from the 83rd floor of the Empire State Building and landing on a United Nations limousine in 1947.
  7. An Austrian boy displays glee after receiving a new pair of shoes during World War II.
  8. A thoughtful soldier in the trenches shares his banana with a goat during the battle on the island of Saipan in the Mariana Islands during World War II in 1944.
  9. A distraught little girl desperately clutches her doll while sitting in the ruins of her bombed home after the air strikes in London, England in 1940.
  10. An anti-comic book movement began in 1940 causing many.watchdog groups to promote the burning of comic books claiming that Batman and Robin promoted homosexuality and that children would become confused about the law of physics because of Superman’s ability to fly.

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Entrance to Cyber Town - Race Krehel

Entrance to Cyber Town - Race Krehel